Pet Blessing

Pet Blessing on the Lawn

2nd Sunday in June ~ Call for date!

12:00 pm

Pet-and-family friendly, the annual pet blessing is a community favorite! The animals are friendly, the dogs sing along during the songs, and everyone enjoys an ice cream social afterwards!

All pets (and people) are welcome!
If your pet can’t come, bring a picture or stuffed animal to represent it. A special prayer and blessing are offered for beloved pets who have died.

The sign on the lawn…
Blessing really made a difference in these creatures’ lives!

These dogs have been coming for years!

Each pet receives a collar tag and a certificate of blessing

<>A Reconciling

in Christ Congregation <><

St. James has supported the full

Inclusion of LGBTQIA+ since 1985

God’s creatures be blessed through song!

Many people return year after year to have their pets blessed.
Some tell fantastic stories of recovery from illness (and some say they worry about how mischievous their pets would be without the blessing!)

Faces of God’s creation…