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Sunday, May 27  Open Space Worship Experience/Holy Trinity Sunday  Open your minds to worshiping in a different way at St. James’ Open Space Worship Experience on Sunday, May 27th at 9am. Pastor Jess Harren will bring this worship experience to our congregation, funded as part of a grant that St. James’ council received to help our congregation imagine different ways of being and doing church. Pastor Erin will learn alongside the congregation as we celebrate the goodness and generosity of God in God’s multiplicity – One God in Three and Three persons in One God, which we also call the Trinity.

Open Space is a creative worship service that involves all of the human senses, and requires very little sitting still.  At this service, everyone is involved, everyone gets to participate to “help create the space together”, people get to “come as you are, and be who you are.”   The service involves learning Bible stories, inter-generational faith sharing, praying for one another, pastoral care, playing, laughing, learning together, and sharing our sacred meal, Communion.  (This is bread and wine, everyone was welcome, anyone can help serve. The whole point of the service is that there are no requirements or barriers between people and God.

This will be a new experience for St. James, so come with an open mind to how worshiping God can look and feel different and yet be the same. Some of us will enjoy the service, and some may not. We may enjoy some parts and not others. This is an experiment for our congregation, and not an intention to change our regular service. It is, however, an invitation to expand our imaginations as we seek to follow God’s guidance in our next steps as a congregation.



Welcome Inn is at Q’s Pizza

at 4841 Butterfield Rd. in Hillside!

Always the 4th Tues of each month.

Our next meeting is

Tuesday, May 22 at 6:00 pm


St. James Lutheran Paper Pantry is held the 4th Monday of each Month.  The only exception is In May 2018 which is May 21st due to May 28th is Memorial day and December is December 17th due to Christmas Eve being the 24th.  All are welcome.


 Upcoming Dates at St. James to save on your Calendar!  All services start at 9 a.m.

Starting with the Pet Blessing on June 10th

June 17th we will celebrate Father’s Day
June 24th is PRIDE SUNDAY when we are celebrating being a Reconciling in Christ Church and welcoming people to join us in Chicago’s Pride Parade.
And that’s only June, keep checking back for more!